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soul socketing rod

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  • soul socketing rod

    Hi guys,

    I have a couple of soul socketing rods, for sylph equipment, but I havent used them yet. My doubt is: if I use one of them to unlock 1 slot, when I upgrade that piece of equipment, do I keep that slot unlocked? or it gets locked again and I have to use another socketing rod again

    I do not have enough material to upgrade the equipment yet, but I am afraid to "waste" 1 rod, upgrade the piece, and need to unlock again

    I hope I made myself more or less clear

    thanks in advanced

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    The slot doesn't get locked up again after you upgrade the equipment, so go ahead and use it.


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      thanks, I will use it now


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        no div soul, no purple upgrade,

        socket is useless
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          Originally posted by kevs926 View Post
          no div soul, no purple upgrade,

          socket is useless
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