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Inivitation bug

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  • Inivitation bug

    R2 really need to improve private invitation function. Someone keep spam me campfire invitation every second, even when I in his farm, I can't do anything, because he keep sending private invitation, I can only keep click 'accept' or 'reject', nothing else.

    So I have two suggestions:

    1. We can still use chat or pm when we received an private invitation, so we can tell our friends what we want them to do.
    2. Please add time delay after people sending private invitation to same person, just like current chat, we need to wait 15sec before we can use current chat again.

  • #2
    If you accept u shouldn't receive other invite from the same player afaik.


    • #3
      But it keep coming, even I in his farm. But anyway, spam invitation is really annoying.