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What is the Zillionaire Event, and how can I get out of it?

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  • What is the Zillionaire Event, and how can I get out of it?

    Apparently, I am in a Zillionaire event. Don't know how I got in, don't know what it will do for me. What I DO know is that I can't enter cloud adventures, or do a Necro blitz. can't find any info on it so far, can someone help a brother out?

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    screenshots, or it didn't happen
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    BR 150k


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      screenshot can be modified at it does not prove anything :P

      But probably not many people know what that event could be, so it could help here to maybe find answer for BaseR. Idk what that event could be... enlarging screen to find escape button or refreshing or other common tricks do not work?


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        Zillionaire is the Cloud Adventure itself.
        what you got is bug similar with the MPD bug where you were clearing MP and thrown back to Cloud City and still stayed in the room at the same time.
        usually a simple refresh will fix this, after refresh you will be inside the cloud adventure if you havent finished it yet.
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