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Asking for certain mods

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  • Asking for certain mods

    Ive noticed that when i go to wheel of fate and i spin i cant exit by clicking another icon like backpack or guild, friends list

    it seems to be that when you open up wheel of fate it cancels out all the previous links to backpack and guild, friends list for example

    it should not ignore the rest of the links,

    currently it seems the only way to exit wheel of fate is to click the X button,

    i feel a sense of lockage because of this issue

    please resolve
    (Y) (Y)

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    With the wheel of fate I can not bypass it either. I think this has always been the way it has been to be honest. Are you asking that there be a secondary bypass, much like the daily bonus's on the login section? I just want to be sure I am getting what you are asking correct as even I get confused from time to time. I know it can be bothersome not being able to type, chat or access anything while dealing with the wheel, maybe in the future they will make this change, but as the wheel takes but a few moments to deal with we do not rightly know at this time.
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