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sugestoes para o wartune

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  • sugestoes para o wartune

    And the game without any doubt the best , YOUR E Amazing gameplay ; however one I come pace being hampered by the lack of space in the backpack and , through the forum I come to a sugetao that will be of great value to all OS Jocks .
    Why not free up space in the backpack with gold, NEm POIs ALL players CAN Spend How Much Less Superdownloads and earn large amount of Bould balens paragraph free space in the backpack What would With that uses balens paragraph Something Else . Thank await YOUR answers
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    A sugestão é boa mas convém escreveres em inglês, porque o fórum é utilizado por pessoas de vários paÃ*ses.

    / the suggestion is good but is better if you write it in english because fórum is used by people from several countries.His/her suggestion is about using gold to buy inventory altos, hence not everyone can spend Money in the game to open new inventory slots.
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    Money only serves the superficial things in life.

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      Yes this is a good idea, just like Shadowbound R2 game. In this game u can buy space in inventory for gold and if u don't have gold enough, the inventory spaces open with time.
      Would be good R2 take some ideas from Shadowbound and put in Wartune, for example, the instantly blitz in campaings and dungeons.
      Wartune, a game that get worst each new maintenance... ¬¬