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  • About Flash Sales

    Flash sales makes only 1 point in my head when i think them! It is something you are never sure if you can have it other way, it is really worth it and someone else would congratz you for finding it! So i suggest you make something like mystery shop but will have a well from where only things that worth to buy with reall balens will be in random for any player or the shame for all players but it won't last more than 1-4hours! That makes flash sales worth and even make a teammate spamm you in pms to be in time to buy an item that worth and check it all time what goodies it may got to buy! This way now is just another Hot shop item like all other that go in every day! I personally still check every some hours in got sales to see if something good may come to see if it worth buy! My personal opinion is to put all items from all times if able you have make from the start of this game in these flash sales if there is any memory of them and put them random for any player to find really a good surprise from an old for example 39balen pack or something... Someone would only buy it cause it is really old if not wanting to find something in it!

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    Flash sales don't count towards any spending events and when you factor in the loss of freebies for spending, the prices aren't that great and can even be more than you would pay at normal market price.

    Also, be wary. Sometimes when there is a really good price on something, its because it will be available for free soon.