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    Ya, so i n00bed it hardcore, when i picked that stupid knight for my Archer's 1st eudaemon.. knew it quickly.... shoulda picked the battle oracle

    BUT, since then i have worked diligently to obtain more chances for the proper eudaemon, burning through dimension dragon dens, and lesser blessings...
    ONLY to get 3 more eudaemons:another knight, the archer, AND another knight. NOW they have this great event for leveling; LMAO, as i sit on about 3K BoZ,
    i could, and would not participate in their financially timed event. HOW ABOUT A FRAKING way to choose the right one? Till then, my wallet will sit out of your
    reach, KABAM/R2


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      I can halfway understand making it random but at least make it where you can get rid of one.


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        Originally posted by gruntar View Post
        Married on single has nothing to do with the eudaemon system, that was just for the kids system it was based on...they removed a lot of that for this version
        What is the limit on how many we can have?


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          I sent an email asking how many we can have and they said 4. They also said that being married affects how many you can have but didn't know the maximum.


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            u want delete kids?

            u sure?

            let's do it the R2 way:
            eudaemon delete card - 1999 balens
            Level 49 Archer
            BR 150k