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lvl 40 war Dealing Subpar Damage

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  • lvl 40 war Dealing Subpar Damage

    i'm a lvl 40 warrior with patk 6336
    lvl 40 weapon max
    2 lvl 35 ashura armor max n the rest is lvl 30 armor max
    purple astral x02 (patk-lvl 5 n cri-lvl 3)
    orange astral x02 (pdef-lvl3 n hp-lvl 3)

    how to increase my damage output ???
    i'm having those archers or some warriors at the same lvl ard my patk but dealing a hell lot more damages

    Whats wrong ??? any help ???

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    whats your astrals and astral levels? 1 attack 1 m def 1 p def, 1 other

    your guild skills are? focus on power and def but power first to hit the wb harder to gain more gold to upgrade yourself faster (might need to have power two levels higher than def guild skill)

    your equipment stats are what exactly? yes it does really matter, foucs on power & p attack for each of your gear, also try and get defense on your gear too. so that means you will have to gamble on refining your gear, you dont need to use balens either

    what gem do you have equiped to your gear and what level gems? keep farming the catacombs for gems

    well you should farm enough insignia for full pvp set since that will help increase your damage either the lv35 set or save up for the 45 set.

    also the lv40 crypt jewelry will give you a decent damage boost fully upgraded but if you get those it may take longer to get enough insignia for the level 50 jewelry.


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      sorry change the hp to m def astral & the crit you could change for the damage boosting astral that disables your critical hits
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        use this combination of astral , ur choice
        patk , will destroyer , pdef , mdef , god blessing/illusion (when ur lvl50)
        patk , will destroyer , block , mdef , god blessing/illusion (when ur lvl50)
        at lvl60 u can stack god blessing/illusion together
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          you are a knight that means you are a tank i use reflect and defense skills to kill my enemys.the damage people in this game are archers and mages but if you insist on being one of these lol damage knights make sure you refine for power and patk on every gear.but if i was you i would become a true tank like me im the only noncash nonsocket rod knight sitting at the 85 boss in cata only 2 top cash knights beat me there and i can kill almost every one of these fully socket rod fully gemmed damage spec knights in bgs and duels on s2
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            what level your slaser and ultimate slaser??


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              Actually you just need to get the last two set piece, the 4 piece bonus ignores 1k pdef. You will see a big jump.


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                mahl kta>>>>