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Notes on Illusion Astral

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  • Notes on Illusion Astral

    about 2 weeks ago i got the Enhanced Illusion Astral and am loving it! just a few notes on it for others who may be looking at it.
    for starters it is not a complete miss, it reduces the damage to 1
    with the deflection astral equipped, if both get triggered at the same time it will reflect the amount of damage it would have normally (i.e. if you are reflecting 10% of damage and the other guy would have hit for 1000 damage then he would get 100 damage even though you only took 1 damage)
    the same applies to the other guy if he has the regeneration astral
    this astral works on all of the world boss's attacks including the last one. which means that while incredibly unlikely it is possible to survive it. (the last attack hits 4 times so if you get an enhanced Illusion astral to lv 10 you have a 20% chance to miss any attack, or 1 in 5. so 5 to the power of 4 (5*5*5*5) equals 625. so you have a 1 in 625 chance to survive or .307%) yeah i know next to impossible but look at it this way. lets say you are part of all three world bosses and you attack each one 21 times and make it to the final attack each time. so that is 63 times a day you get the chance, and if you do that for 10 days in a row you have had 630 chances

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    yeah but the astral doesn't always dodge all parts of a multi hit attack

    so a mage doing a aoe at you, regulary is only 1 part of the attack is dodged it is rare to see both but is possibe

    boss multi attack is like 5 hits


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      me and a guildie both wore the astrals and we both were able to survive it once.
      But the chance is just low ;p to dodge all 4 attacks in one go
      and my astral is just lvl 4 (8% to dodge)
      so yea xD;
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      âœ* Prizzly
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        ive managed to dodge 3 out of the 4 so far
        and mines the same lv


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          got 3 of 4 again and got my astral up to lv 5!!
          and random question does the reflected damage from the deflection astral count as your own damage for the world boss?