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Garden Dungeon Imbalanced!

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    1 Mage as healer (lvl 57), and 1 Mage attacker (was me lvl 59) , and 2 Knights (lvl 57 and lvl 60) and we done from Nightmare Garden of Death without any fail ! you need just to know how to play it, its difficult yes but funny with its challenge

    And specially with level 55 set its much easier for normal mode specially with archer in your team
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      Originally posted by bolananas2nd View Post
      reflect 50%? you have archer in your team. and iirc, you're the archer. use scatter shot, duh.
      only few with full set of pvp lv45? what happened in s24?

      oh, you clear it when you're still wearing set45, and now with set55 you can't? yes, i'd say you're weak.
      and i believe that mu and the others using set45 atleast. don't tell me they're already 50+ without set45 or set40.
      and 4 mage with complete set you're talking about. set40? set45? set50? set55?
      (slame head)
      With lvl 55 set, I play as single healing. My usual patner has been draged to another run for Garden or Lair and many time for Void Nightmare (whatever is it, hard to keep on track which dungeon we're on)
      And who said I can't?
      I can do that without any problem expect managing rage becouse some always needed to heal every single time.
      I already talk with Mu and he said it why he need to wasting attempt and can't do that.
      Most of his party left him after they die twice at Garden. So, Im not in that party and my patner too.

      Plus, I won't do something stupid enough to runs Garden just to help other if I can't do that.
      Well, okay, few days ago I runs this dungeon with my patner to help some.
      And we die three time with two different problem,
      My patner lag and dc for many time at last boss (hate this habbit of him ==") while Im barely awake (get some habbit get light sleep while running MP and get kicked after my patner realized the reason why Im not using skill)

      4 mages with 55 set, now it's 5.
      But as far as I can remember, 2 mages... will be a miracle to see them help low lvl player (reason why I hate casher sometime) and the other 1 are... hell... even I don't know if he already runs Garden or not, no one ever see him run it ._.
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        Yeah and now we are talking about easier version. Before 1.45, multiplayer dungeons were much, much, much harder...