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Does anyone even bother doing Goodies Link?

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    Originally posted by FufuBunnySlayer View Post
    I do Jewel Hunt and Underground Palace, and that's it. I will not bother with the palace after I get the mount.

    Fishing is dumb; Goodies Link is fun sometimes but I have better things to do; and Cloud Adventure is hard to remember to do, though it does not give any rewards I particularly care about either.
    I don't mind fishing for now because I recently used a lot of daru to get my troops up to my level and fishing is a good source for daru. But other than that, it isn't very useful. Especially since my fishing level is only 11 and it will take years to level up in there.


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      WEll to tell you the truth i am not good with these type of games and i believe it is more of a waste of time than the reward is good! I know it is precious each mahra or sepul but this is way too precious time! I also fail almost half times and never even get the first reward of sepulcrums and mahras! I stopped playing this game and askin too if able to have the old good full of gems and easy event with gems! Fast and easy! We don't have that much of time after all the things we need to do every day in this game! Although there are also some that like it!


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        Very bad reward, R2 can rip off the goodies link...
        “Ignorance is the last refuge of the incompetent.”


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          I only do it because I like it. Also it does not take much time. I do not really run anything nowadays anyway. So I have the time to log on and just do what I want to do. Which is not much. Agreed the rewards could be better for this game.


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            the goodies link is lame and a waste,, should not be in cloud adventure`s,, last 3 weeks,, as soon as i get in the adventure i roll and land on it,, and then i`m screwed,, because you cant clear it,, if your not a big spender and from i have been reading in here from others,, the rewards are not that good either,basically a waste of time,, problably holding up space and part of the lag issues,,
            its not fair to have so many spins left in cloud adventure repeatidly and not be be able to use them,,,
            take it out of cloud adventure.. give regular people a chance