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Kill all Autocarters in Battle Grounds

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  • Kill all Autocarters in Battle Grounds

    Honest players, during battle grounds, when you see people using the bug that allows autoloading of carts, attack them, if they find they get lease treasure shards and gems because they spend more time fighting and dying, they stop cheatti0gn pretty quick!

    R2, please fix this bug quickly. seeing players hit MVP with 1-2 kills because too many people are cheating. Some non chasers not have lvl 5 gems due to the shear number fo carts they haul with this cheat. No loading period for carts. They step on crystal and right back off.. you can tell the cheats because their cars do not appear until the round past the first guards.
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    oh is that why there is what looks like unattended carts with noone around them then they seem to roll towards the turn in spot and disappear?
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      thats a bug? i thought im lagging cos sometimes i see player runing without cart, or cart left on crystal mine without player nearby.


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        I'm not sure its a bug myself. I know I have a friend who lags pretty bad and he's like that sometimes. Its prolly just a serious lag going on but if it is indeed a bug then yea it needs to be addressed.

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          +1 to this ... waiting for R2 to fix it .. hmmm , they kinda ignore it
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            but its better than AFK in bg rit.. -_-
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              You're just paranoid.
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                are u a paranoid
                to much pride will kill u!!
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                  Originally posted by XrosSlash View Post
                  but its better than AFK in bg rit.. -_-
                  are u a paranoid?
                  to much pride will kill u!!
                  taste the blade of my sword!!