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war emblem xp info

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  • war emblem xp info

    any idea how much per level beyond level 5?

    war emblem - cost?
    res - cost and effect?
    res reduc - cost and effect?
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    res reduction from 4 to 5 - 1440 xp (having 4lvl gives +135)
    war emblem from 6 to 7 = 3k xp
    ress 2 to 3lvl asks 160, 3 to 4 asks 270 (having 3 gives +35)

    those levels shown strange (i wrote levels assuming that when you press to upgrade you see what lvl will be after not now, just war emblem is show what actual lvl you have(so its like this or +1 to what have))
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      war emblem - lvl7-8 6.400 Lvl9-10 40.000
      res - lvl4-5 270 lvl5-6 480 lvl6-7 950 lvl7-8 2.000 (increase of 10 each lvl)
      res reduc - lvl7-8 6000 (lvl7 225)

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