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This Picture explains EVERYTHING about the people running the game

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  • This Picture explains EVERYTHING about the people running the game


    Guess that has been missed on the typos and fixes. lmao

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    ... and on the topic of low-information playing, what's the difference between a Vulcan Gift Pack I or II? They need the same number of items, but they are different colors with the same I-don't-know-what's-in-them-either descriptions.


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      On vulcan 1 there's gold and ****, i think those box have a random chance to drop something good but kinda pointless since u need 70 of those thingy to craft 1.


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        made vulcan II 100k gold, 5 fate stones lol


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          Wait, so no vulcan hammers in those vulcan packs? Is this some kind of joke?


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            here is the one I get Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture17.PNG
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Size:	306.8 KB
ID:	1713147


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              Aww, I feel unloved, all I get is a message saying 'No New Announcements'
              They can never hope to understand the source of our power...
              Ãœbermage - 2M+ - Kabam Server 19 (Euro)


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                there's a search function?


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                  Originally posted by Eyekillu2 View Post
                  made vulcan II 100k gold, 5 fate stones lol
                  made vulcan I pack, got 200k gold and 10k kyanite...
                  considering it takes ~1month to get 70 those benedictions its totaly pointless.. was hoping for atleast 50 hamers or smth similar to it..


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                    Originally posted by JeffExtreme View Post
                    there's a search function?
                    ^^ looked for this. wasn't disappointed.
                    ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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                      Well I always keep my inventory very organized so I know where everything is.

                      They lie......
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