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Battlegrounds suggestion on fixing Honor system and AFKers

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  • Battlegrounds suggestion on fixing Honor system and AFKers

    Sorry if this has been suggested, I used search and did not find this particular suggestion.

    I propose that instead of getting a fixed amount of honor and insignias after winning/losing, we should get a multiplier on honor of what you've earned through the BG battle. In addition, the battle itself should be revamped so that people get more honor for harvesting. Finally, you get insignias in proportion to how much honor you've earned, perhaps with a cap.

    How this would work -- example:

    1. Revamp donation system to 5 honor per harvest for low quality crystals, 10 honor for normal quality, and 15 honor for high quality crystals. Note this on average should produce the same amount of honor as kills (which standardly yield 10 honor), so this should make players indifferent to killing vs. harvesting for honor.

    2. Say over the course of a BG battle, a player earns 100 honor. Let's say we instill a system that 1/4 as many insignias as honor, so they would at base receive: 100 honor, 25 insigias

    3. Now, let's say the winning team receives multiplier x3, and the losing team receives multiplier x1.5 on what they've earned. So if this player wins BG, then he/she would overall receive 300 honor, 75 insignia. If he/she lost, the player would receive 150 honor, ~37 or 38 insignia.

    4. Finally, there's already a cap on honor per day, but if we wanted, we could also cap amount of insignia possibly earned per battle (say to the current, 90).

    This system works better because it incentivizes people to work toward winning BG instead of just farming for honor because they get more honor per harvest, and also more multiplier if the team wins. Moreover, this would cut down on AFKers dramatically because people who AFK get 0 honor, so get 0 honor in the end and 0 insignias!!!

    Let me know your thoughts. Hope we can revamp this idea and make it come to life! ^_^
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    +1 good suggestion
    to much pride will kill u!!
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      The main problem i've seen is afk players in BG getting free insig for doing nothing and causing teams to lose at times. I've played games that have an inactive log out timer. If this could be encrypted in the coding for BG to auto-boot inactives after say at most 1-2 minutes it would force people to help each team and not gain insig for doin nothing.

      TY Xanarius
      Server 45


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        i agree with the post.. it seems like a fair idea!!1 but Xanarius has a great point..


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          I agree and disagree haha. I like the AFK Timer but at the same time dont due to things like lag and being disconnected. I like the idea more that if a player is inactive and doesnt contribute to the team or at least try to then they get kicked. Most inactives get in BG and then never move, they just sit there and then go into the next BG and sit there. There is no contribution from those players and no benefit to them being there, instead it is a detriment to the team their on. I like the increased rewards from the crystals because BG is the only way to recieve honor right now (Guild Battle will soon yield honor to participants.) I think that instead of a timer that kicks you out, the server senses you've been inactive for a period, say 2 minutes (This would exclude players who get disconnected and return and actively participate like possible now) where you are asked to perform a QTE task or a Whack a Mouse task or something like that, and if your found inactive 4 minutes in a row you get auto booted. Activity should be considered more than movement though.

          The reason I think this is that their are similar problems in Crystal Saga in it's equivalent to our BG. Their is an inactivity counter but activity is simply considered movement. The BG problem is a fairly simple problem that will require a fairly complex solution unfortunately.
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            just auto-kick players that have not

            a. harvested
            b. fought anybody

            in 2 minutes


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              So timer idea is interesting. I think you'd agree this system would make it so nobody has an incentive to AFK, either. So it comes down to which would be easier to code, perhaps, and easier on players in terms of lag, etc.
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