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Lvl Rush Awards ?? s590

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  • Lvl Rush Awards ?? s590

    So like.. Are we ever getting our guild level rush awards and legends of balenors awards on s590. Its going on day 10 now. It clearly states wait 48-72 hours but it gone long than that. Next, where is the event for trading the 40s set legend or not for 50 set legend or not. Supposed to be a glints thing and nothing yet. WE soon to be 50 are wondering. Would be nice to just receive the first part of the message soon. Or is it always late on west coast servers??

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    s590 opened on 5-19-2015. It has only been 8 days not 10 days. Calm down and we will get the rewards. It does take a few days after the end of rush week to get them. The exchange event is not even due to come up's not time for it. You are getting a little bit ahead of yourself. it is not always late on the west coast server.


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      see i asked this the other day and They are still late. going on week 2 soon. And, i the servers current top knight without cash, would like those awards. And above, West coast is always late. I come from east coast and their always on time. by day 8 their in mail prior to resets. They have nerve to send us compensation for maint but nothing on level rush and 12k-18k br awards. like the saying goes " Get your heads outta ya butts its not a hat! "


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        I generally say if you don't receive your rewards by day 14 of your server, have ONE person from your server send a ticket. You're more than welcome to post here, and one of us will bump someone to see what is going on. Please be patient.
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          " GM: Dear Player, Thank you for taking time to contact us. Can you provide us the information of your guild if you get the requirements for the event. The R2Games Team "

          Really?? i sent them a ticket and this is their response to the exact thing i posted here. I'll just have the whole server post here since they think we are joking. Fraud and false advertisement to start a new server and not give the awards for such things and they want us to provide info on it because they forgot the event. Again: Heads out your Cupcakes its not a hat!
          Not getting any more of my Cash. thats the final straw.