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  • MP dunegon runs

    There should be a way to choose if u want to use ur attempts or not. alot of times my lower lvl guildies need help but i have not done my runs yet and dont wanna waste my runs in graveyard or lower areas when im running badlands. if there was a way to just "help out" that would be amazing. so a way to choose if u want to use ur attempts or not with the grp u are with should be possible

    best regards ryuushinn S.38 - The void

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    I agree completely I think helping out lower guildies really promotes social activity and believe for helping them it should not take away your own MP runs


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      I dont see how you can "waste a run" in Dungeons, since you gain the same amount of exp the only problem is the speed of passage, which you will obv have to wait if you want to help your guildmate
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        I believe he was talking about if he was in the level area for the Void but helping a guildie out in Bloodlands. By running the Bloodlands he would then get lower or no exp at all and would waste an attempt. Also reciving crappier gear than he would have wanted.


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          +1 to this. Players will be far more likely to help their guild mates level up if this is implemented.