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Knight Delphic and Sylph awakings Points.

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  • Knight Delphic and Sylph awakings Points.

    I was in Bloody inferno with some people.
    And they had a theory.

    If i use my Enhanced Delphic Destroyer while my team mates go sylph.

    Because of the fact that E.D.D. takes such a long time to finally go off.
    My team mates are allready in sylph mode and according to them they lose sylph awakening points
    because it takes so long before my attack to go off.

    Anybody got any idea's about this.
    i was wondering what other people are thinking because i think it's nonsense.
    And if it's true it's so minimal it should not matter.

  • #2
    I agree with you its not EDD tell them to BLAME the Eudaemons lol they are the ones causing the loss of awakening points


    • #3
      Yeah that's more what i think.

      So anybody else got any ideas about the subject.
      just got me riled up a bit so need to cool down and this helps haha


      • #4
        It just means they're lagging more. I know when I lag and don't lag it's like playing two different games. With lag lucky to get 3-4 sylph attacks off before it's empty, has nothing to do with someone casting EDD.


        • #5
          Awaken point are not based on turn but on time so yeah, EDD being the longest animation skill will use a tiny bit more awaken point but most of the point lost is due to the lag it cause on most players.


          • #6
            EDD might cost a few awakening points, maybe. What will really kill you is suntoria, apollo shield, and awakening/de-awakening (mostly on the de- part). All of those will stop everyone else's actions until it's complete, so if you have 4 eudaemons all casting suntoria, you may be sitting there forever waiting for your turn.

            Crit damage messages will also hurt laggy players, so EDD can be a bit worse for that, but I really doubt that you using EDD is causing any significant problems barring bad lag.


            • #7
              From what I've seen, it has more to do with lag than with particular skills. When I'm laggy, it just takes my skills longer to proc while sylph points deplete at normal rate. Its especially noticeable in DI, where I cue transform and eud delph, cue sylph skill once I transform, and then eud delph is ready to use again before my sylph skill procs. It doesn't matter what skills everyone else has cued, or if their cued skills have an impact, it is minor compared to the impact of lag.