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Question about Moondust / Moonstone (Moonrock?)

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  • Question about Moondust / Moonstone (Moonrock?)

    Here's the question:
    How much of both does one currently get for free in Wartune?
    I moved away from maining my Wartune char to playing on the German Wartune version (demon slayer).
    So we recently got sylph expedition and the red 80 gear (got eudaemons/guardians the patch before last which added those things), but we still don't get moondust/rock (or whatever it's called here).
    Red sylph evolution seems to also not be in the game yet.
    But we do have an exchange running for event chest to turn them in for moondust and moonstones. I'm asking mainly to see if one or the other drops more or less, so should i exchange for equal amounts of both or a different ratio (one does need 500 each to evolve a non light/dark sylph right?)
    best regards from germany and thanks in advance,

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    You can get moon dust easily from purgatory maze
    Divinity stone also drops there but its a bit harder and moon rock only from sacrifices.

    tl;dr moon rock is the rarest item here but idk how it works there.
    East coast archer.


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      Thanks for the answer, looks like i shall exchange for maximum amount of moon rocks then. (expecting drops to be similar here once purgatory starts dropping these items)