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    my oceanic friend from kabam sent me a pic of this event that started on there but the event didn't happen on my r2games oceanic toon.

    we are in everything cross server with kabam but they getting some events we are not. all currents we have they have to except this 24 hour recharge event

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_279.png
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    whoever be setting up the events should be giving all the events and not favouring 1 provider over another
    Server: R2Games S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
    Guild: Sicario

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    My noob oceanic R2 alt had that recharge pack. So maybe your server is bugged or they removed it since I looked few hours ago.


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      Is your server new? New servers get completely different events than older ones. I forget what the cutoff is, maybe 3 or 6 months?


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        I went and checked server 40 which is the base for 230. I did indeed see the event box there. I went by the information in your signature. If you are not merged with server 40 please tell me what your server is so we can go and check that. If the icon has still not appeared can you please try a flash cache clearance and then recheck as sometimes it is a display issue. If pending all of that the event image is still not appearing can I please have a full screen shot showing me with your server number included in the screen shot so I can report this.

        I saw the event in question in this thread, and am placing it here as a reminder in case I need it for future reference.
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