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  • Fix FN CW

    Seriously can't u fix mages CW. When u got a guy 300k below wins only cuz his 2 baby sylphs die and then he heals the rest way and u can kill cuz its **. Then u lose cuz he doing 3 to 1 dmg. Fix this ** r2 kinda lame *** ****.

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    yay 3 ** loss all from failure on ur stupid system. Why not make it dmg done to char only not ** sylph that's so foukd up to reward a char who is strong and has 2 weakass sylph s but w/e screw r2 and this cw **


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      Those sylphs can also help you win in some cases. I have 1 really weak sylph fighting for me(almost free player) and beat some people with 3 orange (and double evolved sylph) sylphs easy wins. However, they did, and always finish ahead of me in rankings and sometimes I don't even qualify for finals because of BR and mine sucking.

      This time with broken *** CW, those sylphs cost me spot in top 16 where I beat 5 of the players ranked in top 16.

      Your argument is valid but can work FOR or against you.
      Last edited by HumbleSlayer; 05-29-2015, 03:13 AM.
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