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  • Changed that should be implement in class wars

    The following in my opinion should be changed in class wars:
    1. When you lose, you get 136 points NOT 135 points. If heavy cashers want to purposely wait till round 2 or 3 enter, I think it's not fair for the people who have been playing since round 1 to run into them when we lose. This will cause the people not to run into these people unless there is noone at your point level.
    2. If there is one person that won all battles and everyone else at least once, it should end (not play out all 15 rounds). Why do we need to continue if someone there is only one player that won all rounds?
    3. You should only run into the same person once unless that same person is the only person that has the same exact points as you.

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    1: what is the use of getting 1 point more ?
    1: why would heavy cashers miss out on 1 round?

    2: that one i don't see the use for at all. you can win 10 rounds and then lose 1 so that person still has not won all rounds.

    3: yeah that one i like. but make so you NEVER run into them even if they are the only ones with the same points.
    Also try to make it so that you don't meet people from your own server. or atleast a lower chance. .


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      All the points u made changes to

      to make the game fair to U in UR views

      UR suggestion is denied


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        Originally posted by Xeptone View Post
        All the points u made changes to

        to make the game fair to U in UR views

        UR suggestion is denied
        i don't agree 100% on what you said xeptone

        Number 3 is a pretty good one. it's kinda boring having to fight the same person 3 times in 15 fights.
        had it happen to me a few times.

        if you win oke nice.
        but if you lose it blows that you know you can't win a fight.


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          i would like just to make CW as it was before... points determine winers...
          this new BR thing is ****.... top players dont even need to show up and they are going to finals...

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            i fought 3 different people twice in the prelims one split and 2 i demolished . They prob didint deserve to have to fight me twice

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            Slyph orange Hecate 136k br


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              Originally posted by Dennink View Post
              1: why would heavy cashers miss out on 1 round?
              There is an idea -- unproven afaik, but which seems to jibe with a lot of people's experiences -- that since the system allegedly matches people with similar point totals, by missing the first round or 2, you keep your total low relative to everyone else, and thus always get easy matchups. F.ex., you miss the first two rounds, then go 4-0, giving you 1080 after 6 rds, which is the same point total as people who are 2-4, thus ensuring what should be weaker opponents all the way.

              It's gaming the system, kinda like how guilds try and lower their BR to try and get easier matchups in CSGB. I don't know if OP's suggestion would solve anything though.
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                I don't understand #2 at all. We're not trying to find a single "winner" in the CW prelims. It's a qualifying round where you have to win enough matches to make it to the finals. Ending it early would just add more randomness, so the players with bad early luck get shafted.

                And I'm not sure why any heavy casher would deliberately miss a round, it's not like it will really make a difference in the final result. Anyone strong enough to make the top ranks in finals won't need that help, and the finals seeding is by BR, not prelims performance. I know plenty of people who have accidentally missed the first round or two, so I can easily understand when that happens.


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                  Originally posted by mmatski View Post
                  1. No one does that, especially not heavy cashers--they shouldn't have to really work hard to make it to top100. If someone does do that, it should not affect the outcome anyways, since all fights are worth the same amount of points. [When the fights used to be worth different amounts of points, it was very advantageous to strip for a couple rounds in the middle 5 (lowest win/loss point differential) so you could take your losses when they would hurt the least. That has since been addressed as all fights are worth 270/135 points now.]

                  2. This doesn't make any sense. You can't win all battles without doing all the battles. If you mean finals, it still doesn't make sense. It is very unlikely that you fought the other 15 highest BR in prelims, so the outcome can be different.

                  3. I'm going to assume you're talking just about the prelims. That could be kinda nice, but I doubt it will affect the outcome. That said, I very rarely fight the same person multiple times in prelims. Lower hall finals, on the other hand...