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Way too much clutter on the screen

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  • Way too much clutter on the screen

    Has any thought been given to help reduce the clutter that is constantly on our screen? To start with, I was in Jewel hunt, and because of the information in the top right corner, it is impossible to see what my level is. The icons across the top are annoying, blinking all the time and they stay even after the player is done with that option. Couldn't we click to remove the ones we don't need for the remainder of the day? The quest tracking does reduce down, but the chat window does not, and both of these are a nuisance while playing different parts of the game such as MPD, SPD, Wilds just to name a few. The icons across the bottom and the information in the top right corner are not in play as much, but it would still be nice if they weren't there during fights and hunts. In short, an option to remove some or all of the information/icons/chat during game play would be helpful to see the whole playing field. Just a thought, a minor issue to some, I'm sure, but that's the type of problems that seem to get fixed. Thank you for listening.

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    Maybe they could add a button that offers immediate payments from our bank/credit card.


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      I'd like to broaden your topic if you don't mind. There are LOTS of smaller things that can be done to make gameplay more enjoyable, as you noted some. However the developers just dn't seem to agree or want to spend the time changing the coding. Maybe we could get a moderator to provide some more insight of why they don't put more energy and time towards these kinds of gameplay improvements? Here are a few more that could be considered:

      1. Shrink font size on numbers that are displayed during combat, fewer pixels changing = reduce lag
      2. Hide players button for guild beast, esp since the wb one is a huge success, and worked well when the atoll boss had more than 1 group at it.
      3. Remove many system messages, i.e. telling us someone met their demise in dimension or underground palace.
      4. Add kyanite/daru totals to the character display circle just like gold and balen.
      5. Add a small button by the player's name that toggles an afk mode for those quick brb moments, rejecting all invites and sending a brb message like "brb, couple minutes tops".
      6. Program the collapse hot events buttons to STAY hidden until you un-collapse it or upon refresh.
      7. Make all inventory items have 9999 stacks instead of some do some don't.

      They have done program conveniences like these i.e. devotion spinner made more rapid, added 1 spin academy wheel for vip, stack some items to 9999. So they DO them occasionally, but it would be wonderful if it were more often than they have been.
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        They should have the option to drag drop different things around the screen, not everyone plays on huge monitor, some people use laptops with small screens.
        Even the ability to move something say 50 pixels in one direction would make a huge difference.


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          A lot of display problems are because they set things to absolute sizes. So even if you zoom in or out, things stay the same size, and the window just shrinks around them. Maybe there's a good reason for it, but a lot of things were just set too big to make it practical on smaller screens.


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            Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
            A lot of display problems are because they set things to absolute sizes. So even if you zoom in or out, things stay the same size, and the window just shrinks around them. Maybe there's a good reason for it, but a lot of things were just set too big to make it practical on smaller screens.
            /agree. Even if I were to play with two laptops, without external monitors, I believe my evolved Aegis would take at least a screen and a half to display. EvilAvea may be attractive, but I've got to admit, even as a Caveman, I'm a little scared of her
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              Have same view on this.
              I vote for removing all from the screen with the option to recall when needed.


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                Annoying things on my screen:
                1) Top icons - some icons I never used. There should be some option to hide those that I dont like.
                2) Quest Tracking list - It is possible to hide it (in past it kept returning, dunno if also now). But atleast that icon stays there and can be accidentally clicked.
                3) Upgrade BR info - it shows info about 0 in Eudeamon Equipment - when I click it, it says that it unlocks at 70+ (I am 58), why I need to see it all the time on screen???
                4) Eudeamon icon in bottom bar - again, why is it there if I am not level 70 yet?
                5) Blinking icon of inventory every time I log in (maybe only at first login in day, but it is still annoying)
                6) Chat window
                a) not possible to completely close it.
                b) it shows [info] messages in all tabs. If I set tab to Party I want to see there only messages from members or related info to current event and my group. It would be enough to see who came online and messages from members (or create option what messaged I want to see)
                c) system messages in World tab. There should be only messages of [world]. Why we have System tab then? These messages (e.g. congratulation to XX for YY should be only in System and All tabs).
                7) Can not view level in jewels hunt thx to Avatar and info bars (in normal screen mode)
                8) InUnderground Palace exit button is offscreen (in normal screen mode)
                9) Popup info and message in chats about someone using light in wilds when I am anywhere else than wilds (e.g. BG, mpd, atol...). It is not possible to come to wilds withing that 20s even if I wanted that anyway.
                10) All other minor bugs and typos.


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                  As Wartune is desperately trying to be like World of Warcraft, it should introduce a WoW type UI, with panels on either side that can be hidden (these are where the annoying lil thumbnails can be kept, together with hot events, current weekly game etc.) It would be nice and neat

                  We are getting too many system messages, i really don't care if such and such is in wilds and they are searching for some silly wilds boss. Also i think it's a tad stalkerish, i really don't want all and sundry know i'm online when i do level 100 in cata... then the PMs commence (can you help me with this, can you help me with that, help - I'm totally out of my depth and was too impatient to wait so i'm stuck on level 4 of ToK easy but you can waste your attempt to help me, pllllssss) Meh -_-

                  PMs, the flashing annoys me... what annoys me even more is that if you reply, you have to use the mouse to select skills again.

                  Things should be stacked to 9999, should be a mass open for things like the skytrail horns, more things should be added to the profile inventory, VIP tokens, mahra, seps, lights etc for wilds etc. Guild vault should be expanded to more than one page.

                  Thank you Wartune powers that be, make it so!!
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                    SOmething has to be done also I would like GB to properly display the message saying that my troops are low instead of trying to display it and it disappears. I would also like the pop up about your BR can be improved from appearing everytime you did doing something like GB, Guild beast and WB. Where you do die a lot of the time because ulimate move.

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                      Originally posted by Deeelinquent View Post
                      Also i think it's a tad stalkerish, i really don't want all and sundry know i'm online when i do level 100 in cata...
                      You can go around this with not entering last portal. Kill the boss, take chest and quit. Then you can click on reset and do new run. It is same as completing it, but without showing message to everyone on server and without info about loot for you.