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Worst luck with astrals

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  • Worst luck with astrals

    so after watching all these level 18s and such pop out red astral after red astral.this is getting old. I am level 57 currently, have 12,000 star points (minus 7000 I bought an orange with) and so far I have not gotten any reds...and about 2 or 3 garbage orange ones (reflect damage and stuff like that) Give me a break already lol. Sucks if I have save up star points for every single astral.

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    The reason why you seem some ppl getting so many red astral is because they use the option"Auto-Capture" that let you capture as much astral that the gold limit you set (100.000 , 1.000.000 and even 10.000.000 gold). Otherwise, you wouldn't see that much ppl get red astral (or at least not that often from the same person). Also, the reflect dmg astral (the % one) is an excellent astral later.
    Have a wonderful day


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      considering our server is only about 3 weeks old, I doubt if anyone has vip level 6 yet to use autocapture..I'm only Vip 3, and I've had it from day 1...and really doubt that level 18s have it. Either way..just spent another 2 million with nothing to show for add up another 1k star points lol. Have about 17 million gold I'll use tomorrow..we'll see how that goes.


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        I remember back when I was looking for reds, they are way more rare than you're thinking. Took forever to find all the ones I needed. Even now, I don't expect to find one if I'm racking up less than 20,000 astral points. Sometimes that much will give me 3, more often, nothing. So you just have to be patient.

        And anyone who spent enough money will be vip 6 already, but it is a pretty high dollar amount to get there in 3 weeks.


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          lol i got my first red astral on lvl 70 hehe

          1M+BR Mage


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            Well, ended up dumping another 21 million into astrals this morning (plus whatever I made from selling back the white and green ones). Got 9 of the Orange ones...and 0 reds still. Good news is I am now up to almost 23k star points without getting a single red, so I am buying one with the points.


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              Astrals question

              Are holy vigor and sacred gemini allowed to be equipped together?


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                Originally posted by ABPLONER View Post
                Are holy vigor and sacred gemini allowed to be equipped together?
                Yes, but you can only put them in the advanced slots, so you must have both of those open.


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                  There's many times I have spent 100+ mill gold on astrals and still didn't get a red. They are very rare..
                  It's also about luck.
                  Sometimes ya can get 2-3 from only a few mill gold..