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  • Feedback for Wartune Game Designers

    And where I use "Designers" in the title, I'm using the term loosely since these people don't seem to take much pride in their development of the game.

    Bound/Unbound items:
    This is absolutely stupid, and you're certainly not smart for having this implemented in the game. Why? Because it requires us to have a bunch of unnecessary extra equipment slots open for a feature that serves no purpose. If this is going to have some function later on down the road, then how about you get a brain and start awarding/making available both bound/unbound items when said function actually serves a purpose. Stop being cupcake bags and making us buy unnecessary equipment slots. There's no difference between bound and unbound items other than the fact that you need to have 2 equipment slots in order to have "bound" item A in your inventory while needing to loot/pick up "unbound" item A. If it is too difficult for you to do this, then how about making the same bound/unbound items automatically stack(if they are stackable items like soul crystals, crystalloids, legendary stones, etc.) when they are looted/picked up.

    Farm Shop:
    Did someone fail to get a good nights rest when they were designing the farm shop? If not, why did the moron feel it necessary to set the default synthesis number to the maximum when making chests & milk tea? Like with the gem, crystal, and every other synthesis, it makes sense to set it at the default of 1(assuming you have enough components.). Why would I want to blow all of my components on a single type of milk tea when there are others I would prefer to make as well? Fix this nonsense already...

    How about start listening to what some of us paying players are saying? Otherwise you might find your paying player base dwindling down to nothing. These things have been mentioned here repeatedly in the past, but nothing has been done, which is why I chose to use stronger wording.

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    Their time will be spent (orders no doubt) on writing new features that bring cash into the game, they (actually devs) would most likely love to spend even a few mins
    doing things their own way, but they no doubt will have orders to follow, usually from clueless management.
    Devs doing it their way would likely bring more money into the game (assuming you have devs that think like the o/p and spot obvious things), but sadly its rarely the
    case once a product makes money.


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      My feedback regards the graphic flashing of crit and other damage during battles. It causes lag and is so large it covers up the fight. Those stats could be put under the players name at the side of the screen.


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