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Mentors: Mind explaining something to me.

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  • Mentors: Mind explaining something to me.

    If i am reading this correctly, It says lvl 5 6 and 7 Awards. My server finally got their rewards this morning but it left me wondering something. Do we only get the award for the highest level reach or all 3 awards? Our guild on s590 reached lvl 7 and we got the awards for it. Now i thought we get lvl 5 and 6 awards as well but we dont? I sat there a minute and was like, where are the socket rods? So i check my mail box, and it shows we only got the rush III pack which is level 7. So basically what i am getting at is. Who would want to reach level 7 when lvl 6 gets socket rods and we dont? Can u explain to me why we dont get those awards as well?
    ~Checked my Mail box and it shows beside it: Rush week: Guild style III. Where is 1 and 2? ~

    Activity 7: Rush Week - Guild Style

    Duration: Ends at 23:59 (Server Time), 5 days after the server is released.

    Description: The best players know you can never get to the top by yourself. Create or join a guild today and earn fantastic rewards! If your guild reaches the requirements below, all members of the guild will be handsomely rewarded!

    Level 5 Guild:
    Guild Leader: 300,000 Gold, 100,000 Daru, 10,000 Kyanite, level 1-5 Gem Pack x5, level 8 Luck Stone x5
    Members: 300,000 Gold and 100,000 Daru, 10,000 Kyanite
    Level 6 Guild:
    Guild Leader: 500,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, 10,000 Kyanite, Socketing Rod x1, level 1-5 Gem Pack x10, level 9 Luck Stone x5
    Members: 500,000 Gold and 200,000 Daru, 10,000 Kyanite, Socketing Rod x1
    Level 7 Guild:
    Guild Leader: 800,000 Gold and 300,000 Daru, 20,000 Kyanite, level 40 Legendary Stone x50, level 1-5 Gem Pack x20, level 9 Luck Stone x10
    Members: 800,000 Gold and 300,000 Daru, 20,000 Kyanite, level 40 Legendary Stone x50

    Each character may only redeem once.
    Allow up to 72 hours for prizes to be sent after the completion of this activity.
    Do not leave, transfer or disband guilds until you have received your rewards.
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    I think you only get one reward
    Last edited by Cymidei; 06-02-2015, 09:29 AM.


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      GM: Dear ScarletWitch, Thanks for your response. Sorry can you provide us some screenshots to show that you should have gotten the other awards? And as your last question, guild level isn't decided by socket rods but increasing guild level unlocks other bonuses. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Have a nice day! -The R2games Team (was the answer i got from my ticket)

      I dont get how to post a screen shot here. ITs either to big, or it wont upload. Click print screen, go to paint, paste, save to png and apparently its supposed to work. It dont. May as well quit posting here cuz nothing gets done without SS's. So we the customer as wrong and gms will continue to put the head up their butts and wear them like hats.. I give up with this nonsense.


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        Save your screenshots as .jpg, my .png files are always too big, but .jpg is usually ok.


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          Another option for those struggling with attaching screen caps to the ticket system is to printscreen and upload to Snaggy and include your link to the screenshot in the ticket. For some reason, I've had to do that on occasion when submitting tickets.
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