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    like wraithraiser said, if you close to finish something, or lvling up, and you want that last item very bad, you dont get it.

    Had the same with those blessing of god, needed only 4, i knew one time strange place would give me that, but nope nothing in 2 dims, then we got new patch with sylph exp, and ofcourse i had that direct. I already said to my spous, you will see few steps in dim, and i got the 4 blessing of god's, and yup i got it.

    So its just bad luck.
    ING: Eukkie changed name to â€*Evilâ€*Witchâ€*, changed it back to Eukkie
    Server: S444 Silent Arena
    Char: Knight
    Lvl: 80
    Br: 6m and crowing.
    Main Sylph: Arise
    Guard: Oracle