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Don't make the Friend Heart Icon flash whenever there's a guild message.

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  • Don't make the Friend Heart Icon flash whenever there's a guild message.

    It's so annoying because every time someone types something in guild chat I think I got a PM. Make the heart only flash when we get a PM please. Oh and let us type this sign "<" into chat so we can make a heart again <3.

    Thank you.

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    +1 to this suggestion


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      its annoying to see that flashing. i ust check it almost everytime to see if theres someone pm me


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        I am sick of seeing guild stuff flashing every 2 seconds.
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          agreed it's annoying


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            no its ok..

            but what is nnoying is when it starts to flash when you post a message yourself


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              Just open the guild chat window then minimize it then the heart will not flash


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                Those of you dont wish to see the blink alert can click the hide hints button is on the friends chat box once the alert icon pop up there is the function just click and not more blinking.


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                  open guild chat then close it by pressing the X top right coener and its gone

                  until you call it up again by using the friends button, its in the tool tips


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                    very very annoying, can I switch this guild chat off?

                    This guild master keeps chatting and chatting and the little icon keeps flashing durng my fight. It's destracting and now I don't know if my friend is online or if this is the stupid chatty guild master.

                    And then we got the message of a new member, more useless messages destracting from gameplay. What game is this... or is it just a chatline?

                    Is there a way of minimizing the messages one receives???
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                      As NightV said, you can hide the flashing without the need to open the guild chat window:

                      Hover your mouse over the flashing heart (don't click) and a small messages pop-up will appear.
                      In that small pop-up, a button saying "Hide Hints" on the top-right corner will make the flashing stop.


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                        yes well but when it gets hidden, then I won't see messages from friends either... Or?


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                          Annoying it is.+1
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                            what you have to do is close the guild chat window and you wont see it flash anymore

                            i said close it dont minimize it and its gone completely until you call it back


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                              Okay and in the meantime if a friend messages me, can I see the flashing warning of that message waiting to be read?