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    When will we get another equipment exchange event? Last one seems like it was a long long time ago now. I received my Titan set in the last exchange and have been trying to get all the required material to craft a lvl 70's set. It's taking forever just to get the number of crytaloids needed to craft just one piece of the set and I blitz highest campaign lvl 10 times daily.

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    blitzing the campaign gives lousy returns for crystaloids. You need to be doing the Lych's Lair or Samsara MP runs daily.
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      Wasn't the exchange for trading in arena shop pvp gear to receive pve gear? This was the event they ran before :

      Exchange Lvl. 35 Arena equipment set for Lvl. 40 Epic dungeon equipment set
      Exchange Lvl. 45 Arena equipment set for Lvl. 50 Epic dungeon equipment set
      Exchange Lvl. 55 Arena equlpment set for Lvl. 60 Epic dungeon equipment set

      As the person above says, crystaloids from campaigns is very low return, get in lych. And don't forget, you can also buy crystaloids with insignia in arena shop