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  • Satchel woes

    Bag is told to sell something, but i dont know what to sell? Any advice?

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    everything ... including gear and sylphs. You'll thank me later.


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      It really depends on where you are in the game. If you're pretty new, there's a lot of junk they'll throw at you that you can't use until you're much higher level. But everything is a huge trade-off to just sell. You can save a lot of space by converting all gems to hp, and don't keep all levels of luck stone, pick certain ones, like 5, 7, 9, and synth or sell any others.

      The only realistic option if you don't have a lot of your inventory unlocked is to put things you won't need any time soon in your guild vault, then get kicked and rejoin. All the stuff in the vault goes to your mail, and you have 30 days to claim it. It's a giant pain to do all the time, but without at least 3 pages of inventory, you can't keep all the stuff you need when you're level 80.


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        Like Fancy said, convert gems/crystals into 1 type, synth/exchange stuff.
        If you are new player, you can get at least 2 pages open. I know my wife managed to keep L80 stuff with under 2 pages (short 2 rows).
        Only hoard stuff for your guards, sylphs and gear. You can safely use sc, ss, fate stones, bead stones, dragon souls right away.
        Don't worry about things you don't know coming or not, it isn't worth the headache.
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          also look to make sure you not any bound and unbound items that can be easily missed drag unbound onto bound items and it will make them bound.

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