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  • lag

    can u come up with a way to reduce the lag in the game its not from us the game has to much lag in it

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    They cant decrease the lagg as long as they stream 100% of game data to us users instead of taking some of the game data and have it stored at their servers, at the same time the flas system isnt made to handle this much data over a long period of time so that is the other part to the lag, and sadly enough as they add more functions we are just going to get more lagg and more issues, best solution for us as players would be to have a high bandwith broadband connection, but not everyone can have 100mbit + speeds, i myself is operating on a 5mbit and running 3 toons.


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      Lag in Wartune is a major problem and I see a lot of players loose interest in the game as a result of it. Too many Events and too many activities running at the same time also causes lag. Some Wings and Clothing items when equipped also increase lag. I strongly suggest that the number of Events running at the same time should be reduced and also some activities which do not add to the pleasure of playing should be removed from the Game eg Weeding in Farms, Curing/Calming Animals. Another suggestion is that a Player who is not on your Friends list should not be allowed to send you Invites (This is a constant source of harassment for stronger players).


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        There is a way around the harassment. Just accept the invite and sit there, never hitting the Ready button. I did it to a guy who sent me 10 invites in the space of 30 seconds after I declined and then told him to stop it. He spent 5 minutes demanding that I get ready before he left the room with his cohorts and started another. He never invited me again.