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vip suggestions free world chat and more!!!

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  • vip suggestions free world chat and more!!!

    ok with the new updates the most are great but im not so sure everyone is pleased wit the reduction of heroes dung attempts.. i my self did not get anything special out of it running all three void on nightmare (btw nightmare not so nightmarish) seems i got the same useless stuff and less of it.i would like to suggest that vip members get more attempts at both arena/dungeon. would be a nice perk worth the money. as well i would again like to suggest free world chat for vips no horns. and blitz uh no ty plz bring back the old afk style for catas.. i would prefer to keep my gold for my guild ty vs having to pay to blitz every time one my kids yell for me and im in the middle of a run. also blitz is ok for offline but on campaigns its not so good. would be nice to have a system liek the catas afk to run for just campaign that does not cost gold as well. but if you insist on keeping this stuff might i suggest you lower the rent on the guilds as well as the wealth needed to upgrade certain things there so it dont take as much godl and we have the extra to spend on your blitz options.