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Bloody inferno

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  • Bloody inferno

    Please remove that ridiculous stun from bloody inferno. It makes it impossible for smaller toons to even beat 3 levels. By time the stun stops, you get stunned again. I'm 850k br and went with some lower br toons and couldn't even get past level 4.

    Click image for larger version

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    I know that feeling, sometimes its almost time for reset and you try to solo, but no, you have fairies flying on your head, so annoying -_- . I just stopped bi altoghether though, dont do pvp stuff anymore so get mount only when trying to pass a new sky trail level.


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      A group of higher BR won't help that much if you can't nuke the boss within 2 rounds.

      Once the slow runs out, the ones with AoE stun will stun lock the ENTIRE team.

      And let us not go into Adam, the 1 shot kill all wonder. He is more difficult than the entire L6 bosses combined, and he is only L5, simply because of that 1 attack he has that kills or stuns everyone.


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        Higher br groups aren't bad but when you are with 3 others that are under like 600k it's nearly impossible. Not only that, but removing the respawn when someone dies makes it that much harder.