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Honor gaining practical problem since 1.45!

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  • Honor gaining practical problem since 1.45!

    Hello R2 Games,

    I want to post a complain in name of the people who are displeased that you guys moved the Battlegrounds 1 hour later than the older schedule. I will voice out that probably most people that are your potential costumers are people with jobs, who probably took the older Battleground time as their last hour for gaming and start preparing for the next day and rest since most of people that work wake up early. Making it one hour later can be a big problem now because you're making people move their schedule to play for 1 more hour since the extended schedule for putting the guild battles and extending the arena 1 more hour with the 30 daily limit. I am glad its faster to get insignias in lesser time but we're missing an important point. BATTLEGROUND GIVES HONOR POINTS! AND HONOR POINTS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR WARTUNE'S LATE GAME!! If you can't get enough honor points, you are locked of not using the LV45+ PvP set equipments and medallions, neither have access for the legendary upgrade. In other words making people get the harsh decision to keep playing or not because there's no other way to gain honor points than staying up later than planned just to participate in the BG.

    Now on my personal matter, I work from Monday's to Saturday, that means I can only stay only 1 day to participate the battleground a week, and even if I buy the double scroll 2/7 days won't be enough to keep my honor up to my level quota starting from LV50!!

    I will propose some suggestions since I thought in possible ways to solve this problem rather than just complain about it or say I'm gonna quit the game, Since I still have intentions of charging more Balens and VIP time if you take consideration of this problem.

    1. Probably my most selfish demand is to re-schedule the events in order to put the battleground to it's old schedule. That way things will go back to the way people used to do before the V1.45 Patch.

    2. Split the battleground events! basically we have 2 rounds in only 1 hour at very late time for people who needs to get up early. I suggest that you could either double the rate of battleground event like giving an afternoon schedule like (go back to 1 hour arena but keep the limit and put the battleground after it so we not only get 2 chances to do arena but two chances to do battleground as well. At same time implement a limit of no more than 1 or 2 matches of BG a day for all players so you guys can get better sales at the double honor scrolls! or in the other hand makes the two 30 minutes round split in different time zones, I still see huge gaps in the schedule and too much events one after another.)

    3. Implement New ways of gaining honor! I think one of the biggest problems of BG is that you can pick who you can fight for example you can simply end a domination of a mage just because you have a counter build Archer and get an easy fight to gain a tons of points, maybe making a different version of the duel arena that you get picked by random on Honor Rank instead of having the choice to pick up your opponent either in the arena menu or the battlegrounds space. Another is that you can duel other players and gain a tiny amount of honor but you wont get it twice from the same player during the day and you may be limited to 5 duels a day. Maybe Also plungering cities and based on the Honor ranks you can make Honor scale differently as well. This way the late game of Wartune won't just totally depend on participating on the battleground or not, Because I'll be serious, FROM LV50 IS DO THE BATTLEGROUND OR QUIT!!

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    the rest of the 1.45 patch may very well split the BG in two to reach more players.. just have to wait and see if it happens real soon or not

    because in the asian version the BG is in two parts spread out like you want so i'm guessing that will happen here to once the rest of the patch is sorted out and added here