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Battleground question and opinion

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  • Battleground question and opinion

    ok.. need your opinions guys..

    If u have maxed out soul seal.. and maxed out honor... what can u get from battleground except pvp points???
    isn't little to extreme to fight against someone with 1.5 -1.6 million BR ? especialy if opponent team have like 5-6 players like that huh?
    chance to win -10%
    why they don't make another battleground just for pvp points?? so if u have maxed soul seal and honor cant enter regular BG... that way lower players can get atleast some chances to win and get some honor... coz I see much of non-vip players. and every time they lose fight they lose honor right? and then they lock up in spawn field..

    would like to hear what u think...

    1M+BR Mage

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    There are also things to consider such as temporary titles, and cross server points chest (the weekly). Not to mention how fun it is killing people when you can! Not sure if anyone's maxed soul seal yet, but I'm sure there are a few other things I'm forgetting.
    Retired Moderator.


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      Plenty of people have maxed soul seal. Zero people have maxed honor. Top player in west only has med rank 5. It will be a long time before anyone maxes honor or gets a lvl 10 med.


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        here is a lot of server wer you can be first but you need spend $$$$$ here is reason why the create server every day


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          like most of the events out there, after a while and after you got all you need, become:

          B.not really necessary
          C.or just so boring for what you get that you stop doing it

          bg for no-cashers is just a place to collect some daily ss and add points to reach 100 devotion (since i doubt the are still people who do every daily events)
          since honor is useless after you got last medallion, consequentially all the fights inside (win or lose) just become important only for the people who cry when killed, nowadays yuo can get really fast last medallion if you want).

          bg for cashers, what to say, they dont need much inside there,
          just according to how many thousands dollars they spend they need honor to upgrade medallions, not really necessary.

          some events to mention which are in these categories:

          Duel arena: useless when you start to play and still useless when you quit.

          Amethist mine: useless after you get the mount.

          Atoll boss: ... useless after you get the mount.

          Tanks: ... dunno what to say ... necessary to complete class adv, i cannot find any other meaning in that.

          DI: after you dont need anymore dragon seals and you store Ks of hoofs (wont take much time), if you have time and will just do it, or you can simply collect gold with signet training, not really necessary after a while.

          Arena party: god .. there are still people who like to go there? not really necessary, only for hardcore gamers who like to have max rewards on everything.

          Mpd: obivioulsy the only mpd still "farmable" is forest nightmare, depending on the server you are in and the chance to team up and being able to do it (without too much time or effort) keep doing it,
          depends on the situation, after you get the 2 basic items (which are quiet easy and fast to get) to choose if the effort worth the long time and your chances to upgrade them.

          Spire: after you have a decent br, you can just open the room and semi-afk/start in 2 or similar, not that beating some levels more or less daily change something, to do everyday, but just no need to put much effort.

          Wb: ok it's necessary and is an easy source of gold/daru, but after you got a decent br you can just afk it and go doing something else meanwhile.

          Wilds: mah, getting the mount is really long and boring here, not really necessary, at least not so appeling to do every monsters every day, just a source to exchange some times (when you are lucky).
          to be included here, getting a mine (completely useless, you can just take one and the first you find if you still need points for 100 devotion), and plunder other players (useless, my god, there are people who plunder other people!? patetic)

          BI: ... really? ... for hardcore gamers, boring and not necessary otherwise.


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            Originally posted by R238283246 View Post
            Plenty of people have maxed soul seal. Zero people have maxed honor. Top player in west only has med rank 5. It will be a long time before anyone maxes honor or gets a lvl 10 med.
            hmm.. I have seen much ppl that get like 0 honor after fight...

            1M+BR Mage


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              Perhaps they maxed the honor for the day.


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                Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
                hmm.. I have seen much ppl that get like 0 honor after fight...
                As xeonrf said - they've max'd honor for the day. No one will max their actual honor for years... The cap is well over 3 million.

                That being said, people who join a BG when they're already max honor for the day, and don't have an attempt active, are pretty much there for one of four reasons:

                1) to be social in an x-server environment.
                2) to help a guild-mate with honor or getting a win.
                3) to spar with others from the x-server environment (ie. planned fights)
                4) to grief people.

                Unfortunately, #4 seems to be fairly abundant.

                People pretend they're there to spar, but they don't actually ask people to spar and instead ambush them and make fights take 5+ minutes to finish - ruining another's chance at getting honor in the process. This is pretty much the most annoying type of BG participant there is in my opinion.

                Oh, and then when you refuse to fight / heal because you just want to save time to earn some honor / win the BG - they have the audacity to brag about the win .


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                  I always brag towards killbot that it took him more than one turn to kill me.

                  He's kinda cool with it tho.