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Free balens and items

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  • Free balens and items

    heya peeps... anyone know why only some regions are able to watch videos and earn free balens and items that way??

    if its same game.. i belive they should make that thing globaly.. not only to benefit some players.. if they can take money from me i want to be able to take something free to.

    Game is global , they take money global.. THEN MAKE THAT FREE CUPCAKE GOLBAL TO!!! not fair.

    one of my friends just bought yesterday 2 mounts with items he got for free that way.. and im unable to do the same..

    i gues my money dont worth like theirs.. then il keep it in my pocket.

    1M+BR Mage

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    The companies that run the "ads" can block it for parts of the globe, some parts are generally blocked on most of these free offer sites or they're strictly limited to the U.S/Canada or similar. Can understand the frustration with it, been doing offers last few days and a balen here or there and +100 mount shards easily. Doesn't take much effort at all.


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      I knew this has been around for awhile and most ppl do to, but how much free balens are they getting say daily?


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        Originally posted by Ali___G View Post
        I knew this has been around for awhile and most ppl do to, but how much free balens are they getting say daily?
        Craps worth, unless you spend more time doing mind numbing surveys than playing the actual game, but for say 30 balens worth of offers over 5 days you easily get a mount or 2 depending on your luck from the current exchange. Easily worth it.


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          Originally posted by Ali___G View Post
          I knew this has been around for awhile and most ppl do to, but how much free balens are they getting say daily?
          back then when i was crazy about this game, i can watch over 50 ad videos and that net me around... 100-120 balens?

          offers and surveys are different tho, if you succeed* you can get 20-200 balens on the free ones. of course the offers that requires you to purchase something will give you more depends on how many you spent.

          *i never managed to complete any of the surveys, and sometimes it didnt pay out too.

          anyway, my location is in south east asia so its rare to have an offer. tried to use VPN once and setting my location to UK, and it gave me a lot of offers. too bad the next week the system caught me.
          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
          Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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            I did a survey the first week of playing this game... took 5min, got 900 or so balens, got the dual skill tree, donated the rest once the wedding function came

            So surveys can be worth it if you find a easy good one that actually rewards you


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              Click image for larger version

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              surveys never works in Brazil


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                on first week of server i netted about 8k balens total, from offers(android), vids, sign ups & surveys, then recharged 2k for the 10k recharge pack on new servers.
                some work, some dont, some only work if you screenshot every stage then send the screenshots through the support system bit after 24hrs of not getting them & others are instant(mainly videos)
                im in UK, only 3 of the sponsors out of 8 work for me

                daily from vids i net about 15 now.


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                  Third party sites are generally better. I netted around $100 in gift cards using one for about three months, but it's very time intensive, even if the survey doesn't kick you out after you've completed 90% of it saying you don't qualify.


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                    I will just jump in here to remind people completing the 'Free Balen Offers' - Whether it be via the in game link, or via the store on the main site - All these are done through 'approved' third party companies. If anything 'goes wrong' with any of these offers, it is not r2games responsibility, and will need to go through the company who the offer was done through (peanut labs, or super rewards for example).

                    On that note, any other third party NOT done through are not permitted, and could have your account banned.

                    Saying all that, Wraithraiser was correct in saying it is via those specific companies, as to what countries are able to access certain offers. It would for example be silly to offer US in store only offers to people living in Africa for example. There are other factors to take into consideration also, similar to different payment option for different countries.

                    Hope this explains things a bit more clearly. Happy Gaming!
                    Retired Moderator.


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                      Ah, different from what I was referring to. There's a whole slew of sites out there, unconnected to R2/7Road at all, that offer rewards for surveys, and you can get gamestop or other applicable giftcards that you can then use to recharge on wartune. I don't play on R2, but I've tried to do some of the kong offers for kreds and very few, if any, of them work. I guess it is different with R2.