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    Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
    yes its prety obvious how i get them hahaha that brain cell guy just prove what i wrote
    you mean proved that you DO need to grow more brain cells?
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
      What's that ToK Normal with 1mil BR? Noice.
      Those are TOK hard boxes. But TOK boxes nonetheless.
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      Getting less Evil and more Ancient every day.


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        i opened few tok boxes too, no mount dropped, bug confirmed.


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          Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
          u are telling me what chest i have opened ?? what are u mind reader??? -
          From the looks of it everyone but you can tell what chests you have opened.

          Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
          How u can tell to anyone who have done what ?? do u play on my character?? -NO
          Did u open my Interstelar chest ?? -NO
          I dont have to play your toon to be able to tell you arent opening interstellar chests on the screenshot you posted.

          Originally posted by girgle180 View Post

          Do u even play on R2 platform?? - i doubt
          i belive u are either on Armorgames or Kabam.. so dont tell me what i have open
          I play on Kabam indeed, but all events, end event chest contents are the same there.
          Your stupidity has no boundaries obviously.

          Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
          and for your record... that color i got dont make me bad person.. and dont means i dont have right.. i got that from jelaous ppl like you.. who spend most of the time on forum troling another players ..but in game they suck..
          I never sad you're a bad person, just that your stupid.
          And no, you've yet to make a post that has some gameplay truth in it.

          Sorry for bursting your bubble, since I got the mount from real Insterstaller chests, I'm for sure not jealous on your tok hard chests.

          As for the spending and sucking part, i don't think someone who shines at making ridiculously stupid posts should point fingers like that.
          Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
          i can make 100 new accounts and give myself every day huge amount of likes to .
          Im surprised you found out how to make 1.
          Originally posted by girgle180 View Post
          but i dont sufer for niples above my head.. just want to make corect my in game problems
          Pay more attention to what you're doing/opening and you'll have less problems.


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            When they give chests - and there is a VERY small chance to get a mount (it has always been this way) - trade them in for the RARE ITEMS! There will be more chests to open next week. I got my kid's war emblem from 3 to 6 and I still have 49 chests to open. Hold on to all of your materials, and wait for an event.