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My personal Idea

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  • My personal Idea

    1. Circuit Quests – remove
    2. Fate stone – need exchange event (sell 1 ----bad idea)
    3. Dragon essence – need exchange event (sell 1 ---- bad idea)
    4. Socketing Rod – need exchange event
    5. Pure energy, soul shad, ice spirit shad – need to add synthesize item
    10 Pure energies -> 1 divine energy
    10 soul shads -> 1 soul core
    10 ice spirit shad -> 1 ice spirit core
    6. Need sacrifice eudaemon – get a little qty of blood of zeus
    7. Soul Seal – need exchange event
    8. Gem – need exchange event – a lot ppl can get lvl12 gems overstock soon
    9. If can, need blitz option for dimension war – when doing, a lot of lag.
    10. Remove buff from Tital War
    11. Adjust guardian rune effect or make all classes can use guardian rune
    Recommend to change 70% 2 turns -> 40% 3 turns
    12. Remove critical heal at PvP – 2 delphics-> 300-400k damage, 1 critical heal -> 600hp~800hp
    Rage consumption, cool time, damage, heal - unbalanced

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    01. no. dont like it? dont do it.
    02. too good to happen.
    03. same as above
    04. same as above
    05. same as above
    06. same as above
    07. same as above
    08. unnecessary for now
    09. how would this work? would be better if we can stack the energy like the stamina(max 3000 energy, recovered 1500 daily)
    10. its good enough, majority of the players wont use because of the cost. and those who use it are already beyond the reach of standard players.
    11. half agreed, 40% is too low for single target buff. make it 50% at lvl 8 advance(30% at lvl 10 normal)
    12. no. dont remove it, but simply "nerf" it for PvP only, like reduce the amount or increase the cooldown/ rage used.
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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      ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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        I like some of your ideas, esp. the ones around items you no longer need. It would be useful if we could use those better than sell or use in marriage tree (which is full - in my case).
        And some more ideas
        - Eudaemon conversion option, or simplify it to simply selecting the type you want
        - sharing benefits when you are married. E.g. ability to give mount cards to your spouse, etc.
        - rethink the graphics in Arena ant ToK: there is an overload on damage data on the screen, which makes no sense anymore.

        But, most of all, this game needs to suffer less from LAG.
        I call upon R2 to help us identifying what we can do ourselves to make the game run smoother, and to come out publicly what is underway to improve the gaming experience on this front.
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