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so, what are the dates on chaoswars...

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    Well, what we RLY need is some sort of CALENDAR for all these WARS.
    steel, chaos, titan, class.. all 4weeks filled with some sort of wars , k then, but plz stick with set dates and dont change it coz some 4th july.
    Give us some fixed dates at the start of month coz this is kinda mess :P


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      A schedule of events would be nice. I suspect the problem is even R2 doesn't know when stuff will be til the last minute. If one believes their response to tickets, they have very little control over the game and are totally at the mercy of the devs. They can't give comp, can't tell us when stuff will happen, can't fix even the most basic playability issues. People still spend thousands on the game though, so with that much $ coming in, what incentive is there to change? For that matter, if people stopped spending, would they fix anything or just shut the game down and move on to the next cash cow?