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    Hi... in here i just want to give some of input to mini games of goodies link... in my opinion this is the worst and the boring mini games in wartune.
    because it is wasting time and the reward prize are "not" so cool (this the most i dont like) i wish the the developers could makes same changed.

    1. Like the reward prize are the item that we linked together.
    2. improving the point rewards item.
    3. removing the time countdown

    ok.. i think that is enough from me.... thanks for the concern.
    if anybody want to add an opinion feel free to add...

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    Indeed, 2 free circuit quests, one sepu, and 2 mahra on a typical day is hardly a motivating reward. Then they throw salt on the wound when the sepu and mahra won't automatically stack in our over-crowded bags.

    I want to like this minigame, but much like sylph atoll, it's falling in quickly into the bucket of "I did it at first because it was new, but never again."

    I highly recommend revisiting the rewards offered.


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      i don't do it, even if i could reach the 7.5k chest, having 70 extra potions for adv skills every month ain't worth the effort.
      East coast archer.