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Finally got my first red astral

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  • Finally got my first red astral

    about 2 days before I hit level 70. 39,226 star points and finally got a red block. woohoo Not as useful for a mage as a knight..but still useful at least.

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    gz, but is block still useful? I see a lot of knights who don't bother with block anymore...


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      Yes, it is still useful. In events like sky trail (which ignores defense and cares only about resistance), block still helps you because it is not defense, but a chance of damage reduction. Its hard to say how much is "good" since like crit, higher stat isn't always better. Its not as powerful as illusion, since the damage reduction is less, but it can still be a significant help, especially when you can get it to proc fairly often. It is luck based, like so many other things in this game, but you get to a point where luck based and % astrals are more powerful than flat stat astrals.


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        If you run with block build, the astral can reduce the needed of block gems needed, so defently worth it if you want to block.