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  • Recharging Account ?? The choice are

    playspan is no longer an option for recharge.. ultimate pay has been d/c'd. Verified by Visa can be a pain in the azz... , SKrill is a questionable company that gathers enough information to cause identity theft..... Many choices left have hidden fees...... My question is "How do you recharge your account?"....... Frustration has set in.... need to be off game a couple days to reflect if it is worth it any longer... Had to report Skrill to my bank and now will be bogged down changing all my info so somebody does not end up with my identity. Is this game worth it anymore? Every recharge event is the same... problems with ease of payment..... Waiting to hear some good news..... Camages

    What is a good free game to play... any recommendations (and don't say farmville)
    Ingame name: Camages
    Server: EST, R2games
    Servername: S50 HereAfter
    Servers merged with: S9, S15, S39, S50, S52
    merged 4/10/2015 : S13, S21, S24, S27, S33
    merged 4/22/2016 : S179, S176, S182, S185, S188, S192, S195,S198, S201, S208, S211, S214, S217, S220, S224
    Toon: Mage
    Guild: Deadly Sins (DS) ...Dominion (newname)

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    i use paypal since they neveer limit me skrill got my bank locked once (had to physically go into the bank because of them) and playspan only let so many purchases go through before they started decling things

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      since they taken out playspan i wont even bother recharging since i had issues with almost all the other payment options
      but i take it as a good thing.......less money for R2 and more money for KFC ))
      i wont bother staying here and type my cc infos for endless minutes(in my head) just to hear....Sorry..decline;d
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        Always wondered how to recharge, before it was Ultimate Gamecard then it went kaput.

        Try Farmville 2 ?

        I've been looking at echo of soul, but it might just be another wartune hmm...