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Cw br ?

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  • Cw br ?

    ima show example can anyone answer how this is possible? Le'ts take wildwood he is 1715872 br I am 1772170 . Now with every TOP POT SCROLL and tea all tops levels he somehow even with that goes above me not by little but far. My br with everything is 2198809 he is SOMEHOW 2334180. Now I am by far ahead on everything astrals are all 10s and same as what he has yet his our half mine. gear and gems about same. So help to figure where its possible for him to get 200k above me when behind. Please wildwood I know u beat me 2 times in CW im just trying figure what im doing wrong not anything against you. Just can't figure where this br coming from ?

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    Support sylphs and kid BR does count also, if you're not taking it into account.


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      My Sylph barely under his as my sylph above his. Also im sitting on 1427 dark res if that's anyone next ? lol
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        And now your 2nd and 3rd sylphs?


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          So those count twords ur battle rating ? If so wouldn't make since .. but there like 130k each


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            Yes, both the side sylphs count for cw br


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              ahh ty that's prob where they get me cool to know . Guess that's why they jumping on me lol.