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    ok i will start with saying sorry for my english if i will do any mistakes because this is not my native language but we realy need help with this problem.

    Myself and many other are some players on another platform ( [edit] hope this wont brake any forum rules but i need to say the name so u guys understand the entire story )
    They started their first wartune server about 1week after R2 got theirs up and in the last years they managed to get a awsome amount of 3 servers all same timezone and merged realy fast in only 1. Why i ask for help ? This is why . All of this started about 1 week ago when they started to think our server is dead and they started this :

    [Wartune]Long Term Maintenance Announcement of Wartune
    17-06 02:27:33
    We have so many brave champions in Wartune-[edit], and all this happiness are last over 2 years. In this 2 years, we enjoy playing this game, we found significace of being part of Wartune, and the most important thing is we made so many friends we can share our happiness with in this game. And all this experience are means a lot to our Wartune Team,we really appreciate it. However, we regret to announce due to some tech reason,Wartune will have a long term maintenance on 2015.07.10 0:00 PST, and we don't know when the server will come back. The voucher center will be shut down on 2015.06.23 00:00 PST.

    Maintenance Rules:

    1.The rest of your Diamonds in Wartune will exchange to Gcoin which can be use in others game on our website.

    2.We have a special gift for Wartune player who joining others game on our website

    [edit] is aiming to provide the best game service to all players.A new epic SLG call SiegeLord is coming on 2015.5.6 0:00, we hope you can join into this epic war game and fight with us.

    If you got any problem and further question, just feel free to contact our GM,you can send email or write a ticket to our GM via our website.

    They just sayed us screw u go play a another of our fail games . I know that some yahoo servers had the same problem when they closed them and they got a merge with a platform around here . Keep in mind that we are a branch of u guys coz we meet u in cross server event .

    So please try and help us so we merge our server(s) with any of the R2/kog/kabam or any other .
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    Hello R2113938864,

    Unfortunately the platform you are playing on is not managed by the r2games group. If they do decide to do any merge or close servers, they would [generally] give players notice on the platform forum news, giving details as to what will happen next, and what players need to do. It would be wise to query using the email or ticket as requested, asking for more information.

    Wish you the best of luck
    Retired Moderator.


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      There are some good players & spenders , and i think it would be in everybody interest to find a way in order to bring at least that users on R2 servers .