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% to get cloud kirin?

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    i logged in took my daily login reward opened bag got cloud box opened cloud box got cloud kirin 1 box 1 mount easy


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      Got a mount last week, i fainted... How is it possible that i get a free mount -_- (more than 6 months it took)


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        Originally posted by Thaleia38 View Post
        Got a mount last week, i fainted... How is it possible that i get a free mount -_- (more than 6 months it took)
        I was about to say the same thing..
        But I believe it will be my first and last for dragonfish mount.

        Lately, besides the fleet captain clothes has title, even getting this cloud kirin also has a title attached to it too.
        Idk what the devs are thinking, a faster way to drive ftp away from the game eh?

        Then one day, it will finally be: who will have the biggest wallet to compete in guild battle and battleground.
        Maybe the day has alrdy dawn upon us
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          The mount for this event is for those who are either stupid or just have a lot of money to burn. For what you would spend trying to get the necessary cloud chests, you could get 3 or more mounts with +50-60 stats in other events. I'm sure you could probably upgrade/acquire a lot of other useful things as well with 39,000+ balens. I say leave the mount for those who want to waste their money or are lucky enough to get it randomly. If you are lucky and get it from opening a few chests, great! If not, its not going to be the end of the world. +600 points to your PATK/MATK, +750 MDEF/PDEF, and 12,000 HP(fully refined) really isn't going to make much of a difference further on into the game, especially when you can offset this difference with other cheaper mounts.

          The way I see it is you can spend wisely and still enjoy the game, or throw a small fortune into it trying to be the top player. Either way, eventually the game will disappear as many other previous ones have, regardless of how much you spent on it. In my opinion, whether you have the money to throw away or not, there's no justification for spending that much on a single object in a game, and I don't think the game designers intended for some of these mounts to be a 100% guaranteed certainty to obtain. They just allow the possibility because they know some players are competitive/stupid enough to sink that kind of money into the game in order to get it.


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            I got 52 Aerial Chests, mostly to take advantage of Big Spender. Between the 27 Cloud Chests those gave, and 10 or so freebies I've gotten - I pulled 2 Kirin Cards.

            I've seen another 2 on the entire server, so I've obviously gotten exceptionally lucky. Now if only they were unbound and there was an Auction House.