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Some suggestions how to keep Wartune alive

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  • Some suggestions how to keep Wartune alive

    New patch and events are nice, but reducing lag, fixing the reward system, and reducing the required game would be also very important at this time. I made a list of suggestions which could be implemented in a realtive short time. I would be very grateful if a G M could forward this to 7roads.

    Simple but vital additions:
    - Allow players to delete sylph skills.
    - Allow players to delete eudaemons.

    Reduce lag:
    - Decrease the size of sylph sprites to that of the players. Big looks nice but causes a lot of lag.
    - Remember a player's preference of not showing players in cloud city, atoll boss, world boss. Also add this option to guild boss.
    - Add a settings where players can turn off / reduce animations during battles.
    - Add a settings where players can turn off mount graphics in guild battles and battleground.
    - Allow players to turn off display of eudaemon damage.
    - Remove eudaemons from 4 vs 4 battles.

    Reward / inventory issues:
    - Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 fate stone to 1 bead of influence.
    - Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 soul crystal to 1 mount training whip.
    - Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 50 soul crystal to 1 soul seal.
    - Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 mount hoofs to 1 vulcan hammer.
    - Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 dragon souls to 1 vulcan hammer.
    - Add blacksmith synthesis: item: 10 soul seal to 1 empire truncheon.
    - Allow mount cards which the player already possess to be synthed for beast shards.
    - Allow level 1 cloth to be stacked.
    - When using heaven horn: if the player already have 3 evolved sylph, replace star sand and star tear with moon rock and moon dust, and the rare star sand with divine stone. If the player already have 3 orange sylph, replace sepulcrum and mahra with advanced sepulcrum and mahra.
    - Allow sylph to use more xp via sylph xp scrolls. Use it as „talents” which increase sylph damage / healing by a small amount.
    - Improve reward in sylph expedition: replace sylph xp scroll and sylph equipment shards with advanced sepulcrum, advanced mahra, belssing of god and gift fo god at later bosses.
    - Improve reward in goodies link, at least at stages which can be accessed only with balens.
    - Improve reward in sylph arena, advanced sepulcrum, advanced mahra, blessing of god, gift of god for top players.
    - Improve reward in Bloody Inferno and add this event to the recovery exp tab.
    - Guild boss reward system modification: give players fears of fang for the daru they donate. (1 fang for 50.000 daru donated).

    Make VIP (and exp) useful again:
    - Revise current talents, make them more useful, and increase max level to 100 for each.

    Game time reduction:
    - Allow sylph expedition to be blitzed to max level – 5, not max level – 10.
    - Allow players with a level 50+ tank to claim a victory chest and silver rune box under recovery exp if they didn't do tank the previous day. Give gold to level 65+, diamond to level 80+ tanks.
    - Allow players with a purple artifact and halidom claim 5 divine energy and 10 pure refinement crystals claim under recover exp if they didn't do mpd the previous day.
    - Allow players to purchase basic dimension essence for 300, intermediate for 600, advanced for 900, and extended for 1200 energy.
    - Allow dimension battles (normal monster and reaper) skipped and completed for VIP players.
    - Reduce the daily arena matches to 10.
    - Allow players to energize all trees of one page.
    My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:

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    many good idea, but will they listen ?

    time consuming is what make Wartune losing power player (those who want to stay at top and accept to pay). even one day have a limit of number of hour they can play
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    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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      nice ideas, I like the ones about the graphics reduction option since that is what mainly causes lag for most of us
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        Allow players to delete sylph skills.
        obivioulsy it works like it works just to milk more money, i woulnd't even call that a suggestion, that should have been avaiable from the start, only a stupid person (or greedy) would code the game like that.

        Reduce lag
        too much to say about that aspect, they just dont care, they do not even work to provide a decent service for this game, should they care to work for that? i would say no.

        Remember a player's preference of not showing players in world boss
        even this, why the hell they coded the game that we have to see other players at first? wb is a "solo" event where you go just to attack boss and get gold/daru according to your damage
        (the ranking and some very minimal bonus or the fact that multi-people partecipate doesnt make that a multiplayer event) why should i see the other players? you dont fight or interact with them...

        i think i would add a couple of things that you did not listed:

        1. make an insta-death button (doesnt need to explain why and when, just give me the freedom to not wait to die in a battle for whatever reason)

        2. allow afk battle option in "every events and situation" pvp or pve, should be my choice to use it whenever i want or like for whatever reason

        3. allow the option to start an event even when not full party for every events (example: arena party if i want to start alone or in 2 cause i am bored or for whatever reason should be my right)


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          Arena will be changed to work like mpd sooner or later, it's already like that in chinese (you can do arena alone too if you want).

          To op, most of your suggestion would make this game not a pay to win game which sadly won't ever happen, what i'd like to see it's a hide damage option (same as hide skill effect) and a reduce quality option (like basically any other flash game).


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            This "so-called" game is a money-grabbing scam. I see no reason why it should exist at all, let alone be given suggestions as to how to improve it. It only exists because it panders to people with deep wallets and **** for brains.


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              72 - cut down on lag by replacing the graphics of non-VIP players with a blue square.

              73 - have a big cow in the middle of the city, and I can spend a dollar to make it say "you are so awesome." (of course, limit 50 'awesome's per day to prevent cashers from getting too much of an advantage).

              74 - make the resistance crystals increase our br ... because we like to see our br increase when we do things.


              • #8

                The lag issue will never be addressed until they stop using Flashplayer as the platform for the game. It is a resource hog, period! i7 quad-core 2.4GHz CPU with 16Gb RAM, and the game still lags for me when there's a lot of players or sprites on the screen. Asking them to fix the lag is like asking them to fix our government, heh.


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                  @TolapPumj, flash sucks on many ways but the way wartune handle cache or the memory leak everywhere on this game are just due to bad coding, as a not even that good programmer is a punch in the face to see that ****.


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                    To OP:
                    I certainly love those suggestion you came up with, since you do really know what veteran players want.

                    If they could even change something about this:
                    "Congratulations [player] for obtaining 1 mahra / sepulcrum from guild blessing!"

                    I doubt they'd might even touch anything of what you brought up here.
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                      What i think is that the game is to expensive snd there should be a little less addictive to the ballens so that non cashers could actully enjoy the game. There is no way that a non casher can get even in the top 20 or the list.