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Just wanted to say thanks from server 589

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  • Just wanted to say thanks from server 589

    We here at server 589 were scheduled to merge with 592 a week or two ago. But they whined about it and got the merger cancelled. Because we had one super casher on our server, and they had none they cancelled it to "retain balance" Think we had 8 people on wb this morning. And heaven help you trying to get a group for tanks, arena, or anything else. Although I am noticing a sudden influx of Br lowbies. But they tend to either want to be carried, or run with others (which I can understand because most of them don't speak English) Also was taking a sneak peak at new patch on server 1. Thanks for the extra lag. And no, I'm not talking to you R2...I realize you only host the game...but maybe you can pass it on to 7 road that they are on their way to a game that only millionaires can afford to play...and they probably will only need 5 servers or so if that. Btw..if there are any super cashers reading this...592 may be the server for you.

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    gl doing the 8 player mpd lol. Unfortunatelly many players want to merge only with newer servers, they dont care that mergers are a must and in any merge there will be an older server there.
    Usually the players are from the top guild and dont want to lose that advantage among others . Wish you gl with a merge.