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    Hello Readers and Mod's

    Have some short suggestions
    you can like it or not

    1) Multi players Servers Dungeon "Link 10 or more servers in One MPD Hall"

    it's really hard to get a team at high level to do MPD

    2) Receiving a reward by helping others at the end of each week... Examples: if you help someone for his dungeons without attempt you get Points and at the end of each week "Sunday" each players that help will get stuffs or golds depend the rank you met on the board of helpers..."seen in other game"

    This way more peoples will help :-p

    3) Synthesis Slyph

    Gain Slyph Cards at Atoll or others Just like Mounts can synthesis them

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    1)..10 or more servers in 1 mpd hall would cause so much lag it would be hard to even move. Let alone fight. I can hear the arguing going on now. lol
    2)..Helping others is what we do for gratification..I don't do it for rewards..I do it to help others grow and learn. I expect nothing in return except to see them grow and get stronger and have fun and enjoy the game. They tell me thank you and ask for advice. That is great and good enough for me. I would turn down any reward if it were offered. That's not what I'm here for. But of course..that's just me.