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Please make dimension more simplified

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    Originally posted by KS222 View Post
    ...Short story long, I've triggered fights simply because the image was not there. Step on blank square and suddenly in mob fight. First time it happened, I thought I'd found a bb mine, then got the card draw instead =(...
    same here, happened a dozen times on my first day of return from a long vacation, & then i never wasted gold on dimension chests again.


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      Dimension rewards

      bring back drago zden and tresure thief...we are not all cashers and we need sucrifie rewards and bound bales...the way dimensions are now realistic and respect all players....we are not so stupit mercii


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        Originally posted by Swinella View Post
        Go around the mobs. It's not worth the time and effort to get one mahra or one sep from a beginner mob. Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to click it.
        the game lags so much that you can take a step and not see the mob till its too late. wasting time and steps.


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          Knowing R2 and their scheming ways;it'll be wise to maximize on the dimensions; no matter how bad it is; before it's nerfed or something
          Mad love for my crew

          The golden rule in wartune
          Guess whose back with trouble?


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            Dimensions need a better chance of getting BB mines. I have done over 20 dimensions since the patch and I have yet to find a single one. I open all squares and its getting to the point where doing them is just a waste of time. 99% of my rewards from guardians is revive times, which is the same as getting nothing. Even the Eudamon chests give me revive times. I have been doing all these dimensions for absolutely no reason. Up the BB mine chance. Get rid of revives. 20 dimensions should have given me something. This is ridiculous.