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My life....

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  • My life....

    I miss playing Wartune, but it won't let me play for more than two minutes without it freezing (forcing me to restart it). Am I the only one having this problem? I've been looking forward to reaching level 80 so I could remove clutter from my inventory, and now that I'm almost there this starts happening on a daily basis! It's really frustrating!

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    Not just you, Chrome and Explorer freeze then black screen if you reload. Clear cookies/cache and reload and get 1-2 minutes
    of play and same thing happends again. I downloaded fresh copy of mini-client and it works as does Maxthon browser, but mini
    much better than max.


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      I can't do that because I use library computers.
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        I have no issues on Firefox. I haven't tested any other browsers...deleted Chrome after losing NPAPI support, IE is IE, Maxthon is basically IE, Edge is IE, and Safari is lolmacs. Just try a different browser, at least one is bound to work.


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          Try Arlad's tip : IceDragon.